BEMIS 'Black, Ethnic, minority Infrastructure Scotland'. 'Empowering ethnic minority communities in Scotland.'

Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA) - Glasgow

Kanlungan - Empowering Filipino Migrants

migrant Voice - Glasgow

EVR - End the Virus of Racism

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  • Southeast and East Asian Centre - SEEAC

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besea.n - Britain’s East and SouthEast Asian Network

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  • bsea.n
  • esa.scotland
  • asian lgbt
  • asian mental health

for East and Southeast Asian Activists

  •  daikon.zine 

  • esea_activistwellbeing

  • Daikon
  • Esea Activist

Twitter accounts to follow:

We are currently liaising with other charities and organisations in Scotland and UK to secure useful collaborations which help the ESA community in Edinburgh and wider Scotland. Please email concerns or suggestions to

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